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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best way to receive the Best business class or first class flight?

The more flexible you are with your travel dates and flight times, the greater chance you have to save even more money.

Discounted seats are based on the airline’s profitability for a specific flight. When our agents are able to fill a seat that might otherwise go unsold, we can then barter from a higher position to generate the maximum allowable discount for your ticket.

2. How are the tickets issued?

In most cases, all airline tickets are issued electronically and in cases where paper tickets are required, we will send them to you via FedEx or UPS.

We do however encourage electronic tickets over paper tickets when available; for their ease of use, as well as to save you from additional airline surcharges and excess delivery fees.

An e-ticket is an “electronic ticket” that is permanently stored in the airline’s reservation system, removing the need for the older-style, printed airlines tickets. The e-ticket is sent to the email of your choice that you provide during purchase and it will contain the round-trip details of your flights, as well as the confirmation number for your reservation.

If the name on your passport or government issued ID (domestic flights only) does not EXACTLY MATCH that on your e-ticket, please contact us immediately so that we can take care of this issue.

When leaving for the airport, please ensure to bring a copy of your e-ticket as well as your matching ID, as you will use both to check-in for your flight and to receive your boarding pass.

3. What is the policy regarding changes in flights, refunds, or cancellations for Fly With Class?

While we try to be as accommodating as possible to our business and first class clients, these policies are not actually ours but are set by the airlines. Most tickets, however, are changeable prior to departure, subject to fees and or penalties that each individual airline may apply.

These fees vary according to each individual airline. There are certain instances when airline tickets are not refundable, however, many of these may be used for future flights. Please note that all of this information will be shared with you prior to the time of your purchase

4. What form of payments do we accept?

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard ,Discover and American Express. We also accept US Checks and Intl Wire Transfers.

5. Which airlines do you work with?

We work with all major airlines worldwide.

6. How can Class N Luy offer airfares that are lower than the airlines Published Fares?

While most airlines will normally not admit it; the lowest fare the general public is asked to pay, is not always necessarily indicative of the "lowest possible airfare".

Airline tickets consolidators for example, purchase a large number of tickets and as such, they receive a heavily discounted bulk rate fare on each ticket. Since they purchase these tickets for less than retail, they are also willing to sell airline tickets at less than retail.

Our agents have exclusive access to special fares like the ones mentioned above, as well as unsold inventory fares that are not published or offered to the general public. We also have proprietary software that we use to search for business and first class award seat availability.

7. Do you need to pay to fill out the form ?

1. No payments are required unless you accept the offer.

2. Once you approve the quote we will request the passenger information and required documents needed and CNL will send you a secure link for payment.