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Assisting you with your travel plans, you choose the destination while we take care of you all the way to it.

At CLASSNLUXURY we offer the right fares for luxury travel you so much deserve. Rather than having to pay high prices to get to where you want to, our niche is in offering the same class of travel at unbelievably low fares and prices – offering both business class and first class options we list the seats you wish for with airlines everyone wants to travel for your travelling pleasure. We believe what most travelers miss out is the experience of getting to your choice destination, with all the busy planning they seldom take into context the air travel experience which is just as important and goes a long way towards making the most of your holiday.

Which is why at CLASSNLUXURY we take that into context and offer up to 70% discount on all first and business class seats

So – How does it work?

Well, it’s pretty simple – all you need to do is select your destination and dates within which you wish to travel and we offer a host of seats which along with discounts associated to them which can take advantage of. All prices and amenities we offer alongside are a one off offer – in order to take advantage combine them with your plans today.

Thanks for visiting our website today, we’ve made it simple for you – all you need to do is select and click and you’ll be on your way.
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